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When human beings evolved,there was no medicine. However, diseases were also present at that time. Maybe they were less as compared to today,but the man suffered from injuries and infections. Similar to other animals, Human had also been curing himself without any medicine. That was the Nature Cure.

As modern science started evolving, man became more business minded and has started several businesses including modern medicine business. This science is not more than business. It changes its opinion after every decade after making many individuals sick with its old recommendations. You must suffer so the doctor can get more profit. If you don’t suffer how will they earn? You know more people are dying with modern cancer treatment than cancer itself.

Recently, manufacturers start promoting rice bran oil as the most healthy oil for the heart. Believe me if you start eating this chemical processed oil, you may get some extent of anti-cholesterol benefits, but you will also suffer more from joint pain, back pain, hormonal
imbalance, osteoarthritis, low bone density, osteoporosis, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, poor concentration, low growth in children and several other diseases. Can you extract oil from rice bran in traditional oil extraction machines? No, there is no way to extract oil from rice bran without adding hexane solvent and other chemicals. Your science will take time (almost the next 50 years) to conclude this – what I am saying today. Because this requires a very long-term study.

Previously, your science was recommending – don’t eat Cow’s Ghee because it is unhealthy for your heart and obesity. It has made many people sick in the past few decades and businesses got success for selling refined oils. Now, your science is saying, we were wrong. Cow’s ghee and coconut oil are the healthiest oils in the world.

So, without these things, we should talk about the main goal of this article. Let’s discuss the basic concept of Nature Cure to restore your health naturally without any medicine.

How to Restore Your Health Naturally without Medicine

Prerequisite: Check Your Body Type


Start with fasting. Fast for 1 to 5 days as per your body tolerance. Fasting according to your body type is good to provide maximum results. The recommended duration of fasting according to ayurvedic body type is as below:

Fasting Duration

This is a general illustration. You should listen to your body, so keep in your mind a basic principle of fasting.

Principle: How long
should I fast?

When you start feeling intense appetite, it is the time to break the fast.


During fasting, you should drink warm water if you are having Vata Body Type and Kapha Body Type. If you are Pitta Body Type, you should drink normal water or water kept in an earthen pot. People with Kapha Body Type can also drink water kept in a copper vessel for 8 hours.

During fasting, you are only allowed to drink water. However, if you are weak and cannot tolerate even one full day fast, you can drink Mosmi (Sweet Line) or pineapple juice. You can also drink lemon-honey water.

Juice Therapy

After fasting, you should drink fruit juice for 3 to 5 days. Juice should be selected according to your health conditions. In most cases, Mosmi (Sweet Line) juice and pineapple juice are most suitable.

Raw Food Therapy

After juice therapy, you should eat raw food. When I am saying raw food, I mean uncooked food. Please note it does not mean unripe fruits. You should live on fruits, vegetables, and salad only. You should select fruits and vegetables suitable for your body type and health condition. I will provide a food list for each disease soon. Consider subscribing our website.


Eat all uncooked foods in their natural, unaltered, unprocessed and unheated form.

Nature Cure

Duration of Raw Food Therapy: 10 to 15 Days.

Enema Therapy

From the first day of starting Natural Treatment, you should take warm water enema. You should take 300 ml of
warm water for an enema. The best time to take the enema is morning. During nature cure therapy, you must take enema every day until it is not contraindicated in your health condition.

to Take Water Enema at Home

Restore Healthy Diet

Nature Cure recommends a vegetarian diet, but the inclusion of more fruits, vegetable, salad and
sprouts in your diet. You can take unrefined grains but avoid refined grain.
You can take food into three main categories:

Uncooked Fruits, Vegetables &
75% of your daily food intake.
Grains, Legumes, Pulses and
15% of your daily food intake.
Milk Products 10% of your daily food intake.

We don’t recommend animal
food – meat and eggs. However, you can also include if you cannot live without
them. Just remember you must not eat meat or eggs from animals
raised in farms or cages. You must not eat processed meat. You
should only eat animal products from animals natural raised in nature.


Take 30 minutes sunbath every day during morning or evening. You should not wear any cloth during sunbath. Alternatively, you can wear white undergarments during sunbath.

This is the first article on Nature Cure Treatment Protocol. I will publish more articles for the management of diseases without medicine every week. Consider subscribing this website.

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