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Yoga is a great workout as well as a spiritual practice to be incorporated in one’s ayurvedic daily routine for balancing a person’s health foundation. Yoga always benefit the most when balancing is done according to the dosha one has as it makes easier to practice the pose. Those with pitta dosha are basically the ones who perspire a lot. They easily get irritated in hot weather and prefer cooler climates. The main body organs like eyes, skin, liver, brain and intestines are ruled by pitta and thus its imbalance creates problems like rashes, heartburn, fever, infection etc. Pitta also has psychological imbalance effects like feelings of anger, anxiety and hatred. People with pitta dosha are also prone to mental disorders. Thus, it is important to maintain the balance by doing Yoga for pitta dosha.

The pitta pacifying yoga for an individual should promote empathy, recognition and calm efforts. Pitta dosha is ruled by fire and water and the energy is associated with not just digestion but also enzymatic and endocrine systems as recommended by ayurveda. It helps in digestion of nutrients providing energy and vigor to the body. There are many good postures in yoga that help in providing stability to the pitta dosha. Learn more on how to improve digestion.

Pitta Yoga:

The easiest yoga for pitta imbalance is pranayama, which focuses on the cooling and systematic breathing. According to yoga, exhaling through mouth is a good way to release heat and helps balance the pitta dosha in the long run. Pranayama help in treating body ulcers that pitta body types are prone to. Sitali or cool breath practice is a part of this pitta yoga and doing at least ten rounds of this helps tremendously. For sitali, one should roll their tongue around the lips and inhale through the rolled tongue, then close your mouth and exhale through the nose.

Another effective way to do yoga for pitta dosha is by doing vinyasa or rounds of sun salutations. This asana should be done with slow and relaxed poses so as to bring calmness and cooling to the body.

It is very important to know that not too many strenuous backbends should be performed as they heat up the body fast. Anjanasayana or crescent lunge and Salsbasana or locust pose should be done in a relaxed manner, to bring more coolness to the body.

Forward bends or folds are cooling in nature and uppavistakonasana is a good one as it cools off the Pitta fire in the pelvis area. Pascimottasana, or the Pigeon pose is a one with forward bend that is also good to perform.

For the abdominal areas, twists like ardhamatsyendrasana or the half lord of the fishes pose is also very balancing in nature. One needs to stand straight and then bend forwards in bow pose and cobra pose in a bid to do pitta pacifying yoga.

Another way to do yoga for pitta body type is to meditate with some nadisodhana or alternate nostril breathing in a seated position. Maitreya meditation overcomes the pitta dosha problems like hunger, short temper, impatience and anger. The pitta mind also responds well to the meditation that is centered on sounds that are soothing, good smells and bright colors. Make sure to surround yourself with cool and light colors, focus the gawk on an unruffled and soothing yantra that will guide your mind into a peaceful and serene state.

There are also restorative child pose and fish pose asanas that help balance the pitta. These poses help in being peace to the body and mind.

It is also important to know that while doing yoga poses for pitta dosha one must try to avoid doing headstands as they accumulate too much heat in the head and eyes, aggravating the condition. Since eyes are controlled by pitta, this creates serious imbalance. Learn How To Reduce Pitta Immediately.

For the pitta pacifying yoga one needs to follow some basic guidelines by doing asanas and poses that are fun to do and not pushing yourself too much. A very strenuous pose may heat up the body, aggravating the pitta. Also, always try to enjoy movements in the poses that help to make them more relaxed. While gazing on the ground downwards at the horizon and practicing yoga with closed eyes one can achieve the desired results faster. Make sure to keep changing the yoga asanas as monotony gets boring for the body as well. Always practice the pitta balancing yoga in a cool area so as to help get over the condition faster. Also focus more on inhalation as the cool breath helps to diffuse the heated pitta dosha faster. Exhalation helps to release and let go of built up anger and frustration easily. Breathing should also be regulated for the back body area as well as the front, especially the ribs. Make sure to notice the ribs position every time you perform an asana and try to inhale so as to draw them back into the body. Also know about the various advantages of Yoga.

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