Why is Ayurvedic oil massage required on regular basis?




In old days as per Indian tradition it used to be a routine to apply oil on daily basis on head and body. In our parent’s generation they used to do it at least once a week or on special occasions. In our generation oil massage is considered as a luxury in a spa. Ideally therapeutic oil massage should be part of our healthy lifestyle. Massages are performed with oil or without oil. In Ayurveda oil massage is called as Abhyangam.

Oil massage on daily basis to reduce tiredness, Vatha and ageing. You can do oil application at home itself with sesame oil or coconut oil. Apply oil on your body and lightly massage for 10 minutes, leave it on for 30 minutes and take warm water bath. If not on the whole body, apply oil on head, face and foot for healthy benefits. Other than normal oil application, therapeutic massage with medicated oil has great benefits. It stimulates your nerves and energy points. Oils are to be selected as per the requirement of each individual.

Benefits of Therapeutic Ayurvedic oil massages are

  • Slows down ageing
  • Improves immunity
  • Better blood circulation
  • Lubrication to the joints
  • Elimination of toxins through stimulated circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Improved skin tone.
  • Reduces muscle tension

A good massage encourages the body to produce more oxytocin, the feel-good hormone; hence it is good for the body as well as for the mind.

Who all can do Abhyanga or Ayurvedic oil massage?

  • For general wellbeing and anti-aging, all age groups should do.
  • Those who are exercising regularly and playing any kind of sports – it is a must to support the healing process of the muscles.
  • Those who are sitting for long – as a preventive measure to avoid muscle stiffness specifically on back and legs to help in circulation of blood back to heart
  • As part of stress management
  • Those who are above 50. As per Ayurveda, after 50 Vata dosha increases and that is the reason for unexplained pains. Abhyanga is one of the best solutions to reduce vata.

At Swastha Life we provide a quick consultation with the doctor to decide the appropriate choice of massage and duration of each one. For each Deha prakruthi different medicated oils will be selected.

How often should we take oil massage?

For general wellness, oil massage once in a month is required. If you are above 50, oil massage two times in a month is appropriate. For sports person or those who do moderately heavy exercise four days a week, oil massage once every week will prevent injuries.

Who should not do oil massage?

Having said this, oil massage is not for all. If you are feverish, if you have cold or cough you are not supposed to take oil massage. If you have any fresh open wounds it is better not to have oil massage immediately. If you have body pain due to overstrain u should take massage but if you have tired feeling like sluggishness and general body pain due to indigestion or infection then do not take oil massage.

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