The Ayurvedic Rituals You Need In Your Life Now




Ayurveda is set to become an even bigger health wave this year as more and more people consider looking to alternative therapies to help heal and nourish their bodies. Ayurvedic medicine is based on looking deeper into our emotional and physical wellbeing and trying to find a balance with certain tendencies in our specific dosha types. Below the team at Ananda, an award-winning luxury destination spa resort in the Himalayan foothills in Northern India have shared the Ayurvedic rituals you should incorporate into your life for optimum health and wellbeing.

Sun Salutations – a daily practice

Sun Salutations should be practised in the morning time – or certainly during daylight hours. Ideally, take your practice outside or at least facing a window, and face east to enjoy the sun’s energy.

Bhramarib Pranayama – for anxious moments

Anxiety can present itself in many different forms so who not tackle your stresses and worries with this clever breathing technique? It’s a great one to use any time when you’re feeling particularly anxious or if you tend to overthink and let your thoughts go round in circles.  Follow the simple steps here.

Easy detox – once a month

A gentle detox for a healthier, better functioning body could do everyone the world of good, but it doesn’t have to involve days of total restriction. Resting, cleansing and nourishing the system are the key steps, and here are a few simple tips on how to detox effectively at home.

Better sleep all round

For better sleep, a great Ayurvedic practice is to apply oil to the body before enjoying a warm bath in the evening. This is an ideal ritual to incorporate into your evening routine if you struggle to wind down after a busy, stimulating day. See below some recommendations for your specific dosha type.


Your must-have drink first thing in the morning – daily

Vata – A teaspoon of organic ghee (clarified butter), followed by a glass of lukewarm ginger infused water ensures that Vata remains in balance.

Pitta – Start the day with 25 ml of pure organic cold pressed aloe vera juice on an empty stomach

Kapha – Activate the metabolic system with ginger, lemon and honey tea

Your must-have Ayurvedic oil or fragrance

Vata – Warming ginger and cardamom essential oils infused –  try the Spice range from Ananda

Pitta – Cooling vetiver and sandalwood essential oils infused –  try the Grounding range from Ananda

Kapha – Invigorating orange and eucalyptus essential oils infused  – try the Invigorating range from Ananda

Your must-have Ayurvedic spice (preferably in natural/whole-seed form rather than pills)

Vata – Asafoetida – add this warming spice to soup or stews

Pitta – Fennel – a great cooling agent, and can either be drunk as tea or eaten in its fresh form

Kapha – Fenugreek – can either be drunk as tea or added to curries

Your must-try Ayurvedic twist to traditional dishes

Make these simple changes to your cooking to enjoy Ayurvedic benefits according to your dosha type:

Vata – Add more (good quality) cooked vegetables to your meals and try to make it the main element of the dish.

Pitta – Keep a good supply of coconut products – in its milk, water and grated forms – and introduce them whenever you can to your cooking to keep your pitta cool and balanced

Kapha – Try adding organic, raw honey to drinks or meals such as porridge

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