Sex according to the Rules Of Ayurveda



Across time, culture, and history, humans have engaged in sex. But most of us are told and are veiled that sex is only for reproductive purposes. But Ayurveda doesn’t limit sex for just breeding. One of the three pillars of Ayurveda is sex. Sex can nourish us profoundly and should be indulged from time to time. But there are rules to this.

Everything, according to Ayurveda, has a relation with the three elements. Sex is one of the factors of air elements vata dosha. If the movement of this vata is healthy, it keeps us balanced and the rhythms of nature.

What does the great Ayurveda text say about sex in summer?

The summer is when your body is the least strong, and our energy is drained naturally, which means there’s vata aggravation

Sexual activities are draining in nature, meaning increases vata and build-up of vata dosha in our body. This is as per the Ayurveda principle, “like increases like” and “opposites decrease.”

Based on this Ayurveda teaching, some of the important points around sex:

1) The best time to have sex is during the day, in the morning after sunrise, but before ten or during the early evening.

2) While most of us prefer having sex in the night, but in  Ayurveda, it is not ideal

3) The perfect seasons to have more sex are winter and early spring.

4) During summer and fall, the influence of Vata increase and sex during this season can reduce your energy and strength. Thus, one must reduce the frequency of sex.

5)  Have foods that are natural aphrodisiacs and stimulate the production of sperm and eggs, such as ghee, coconut juice, and milk.

6) Post sex,  practice oil massage before the bath to recover the depleted vata dosha.