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Navratri is celebrated across India and other parts of the world. Literal meaning of Navratri is nine nights. These nine days are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars – the Navadurga. Each day is associated to an incarnation of the goddess. The divine mother or cosmic energy is worshiped. Navratri is celebrated with extreme zeal, devotion and enthusiasm by the devotees.

Let us know why we should utilize this time effectively to purify our body and mind. Let’s uncover the scientific reasons behind Navratri. The uniqueness of Hindu festivals is that they are all related to some or the other significant astronomical events or change. Navratri is not an exception.

Navratri falls in the month of October- November, which also is the transition phase from one ritu(autumn) to another(winter); an important junction of climate change.Due to the seasonal change, our immunity debiliates. There’s also evidence that exposure to cold temperatures suppresses the immune system.Seasons also affect our immune cells, and the composition of our blood and fat, according to a study.

During these nine days people do intermittent fasting (upvas), consume saatvik food. Saatvik foods are thought to be pure and balanced, offering feelings of calmness. They also give rest to digestive system and helps in detoxification. Yes, you heard it right. The scientific reason behind fasting during Navratri is to detoxify your body. By eating light for a week or maybe once in a week, one is supposed to give digestive system a little rest. Nutritionist Claire told “fasting allows the gut to cleanse and strengthens its lining”.

Change of seasons in a year is directly connected to both the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Literal meaning of Equinox is equal night. This quarter northern hemisphere of the planet becomes gentle because it receives least amount of sunlight from now on(oct-nov). After oct-nov ,days get shorter and nights longer. Navratri is the period when our biological cycles (sleep-wake cycle) go through changes and reconcile.

So let’s acknowlegde the changes and it is also the period to connect the individual consciousness with the divine.

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