Kansa is the healthiest metal to eat and cook in!




We are living in the era of science and technology which has also deeply affected our food habits. Plastic has almost become a part of our life, which can cause life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart strokes, hypertension and diabetes etc. As the awareness to discard plastic is rising, one of the most healthy options you can shift to is Kansa. Kansa dining ware has been used since the period of Samhita Kala and it brings phenomenal changes in human life.

What is Kansa?

Pure Kansa is an Indian name for bell metal or bronze. An ultra-superior metal, Kansa is an alloy of Copper 78 percent and Tin 22 percent both heated together up to 700 centigrade to form pure bronze. A malleable metal in itself, the prepared alloy is further moulded into handcrafted products and can acquire different kinds of finishes – matt or glossy, depending on the aesthetic preferences.

Kansa is usually used to eat food and drink water on a daily basis which helps enhancing the gut health.

Why Kansa?

Copper or brass reacts with sour food, salt and lemon which can be harmful for the body. Therefore, they are not recommended to eat or cook in. Whereas, Kansa or Bronze does not react with sour acidic food hence, it is the best metal to eat and cook in.

Benefits of Kansa

According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa dining ware is known for its therapeutic benefits.

1. The root of every healthy person is a good digestive system and kansa alloy alkalizes and purifies the food, and promotes digestive health.

2. Due to its extraordinary health properties, even Ayurvedic physicians recommend Kansa for holistic healing, stress relieving and purifying properties. Kansa has an ability to destroy microorganisms making the metal hygienic for use.

3. The Sanskrit phrase – Kansyam Buddhivardhakam (which means kansa sharpens our intellect and pays tribute to its therapeutic powers) advocates the virtues of Pure Kansa. Using it regularly helps in improving immunity and preventing illness.

How Does it work?

1. It promotes holistic healing by promoting gut health and immunity along with relieving stress and boosting energy levels.

2. Water stored in Kansa for at least 8 hours has the ability to positively charge water for balancing all three doshas present in the body.

3. The water stored in Kansa doesn’t become stale. Also, the metal helps in preventing water borne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, jaundice etc.

4. Copper is known to have brain stimulant and anti-convulsive properties helping in stimulating our brain.

5. Drinking and eating from copper vessels regulates the requirement of important copper trace metals for thyroid glands to function optimally.

6. It is recommended for daily use for deriving maximum health benefits. Copper also reduces inflammation and improves hemoglobin.

7. It has vital medicinal and healing properties, which the food or water kept in it acquires.

8. Anti-Inflammatory properties found in copper releases joint, muscular pain and beats arthritis.

9. Copper is the key component in the production of melanin helping in restoring healthy skin and slows down aging.

10. Copper helps in breaking down and eliminating fat aiding in weight loss.

11. It also helps in cardiovascular health and beat anaemia by regulating blood pressure.

How to detect purity of Kansa?

To test the purity of the metal, it should make a resonating sound similar to chimes that generate spiritual vibrations like the ones used in temples. Pure kansa is easy to maintain since it does not tarnish like copper or brass as it is corrosion resistant. However, it will lose its richness if exposed to air and moisture for a prolonged duration.

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