Is Milk Necessary According to Ayurveda?




Is milk necessary according to ayurveda? Does ayurveda recommend milk or not? The straightforward answer is yes for mother’s milk up to 24 months and no for animal’s milk for regular consumption. In Ashtanga Hridaya, Vagbhata explains three stages of life according to milk consumption:

त्रिविधः कथितो बालः क्षीरान्नोभयवर्तनः । स्वास्थ्यं ताभ्यामदुष्टाभ्यां दुष्टाभ्यां रोगसम्भवः ॥ (Ashtanga Hridaya, Uttara Sthana, Chapter 2, Verse 1)

  1. Ksheerad (क्षीराद): 0-6 months.
  2. Khseeranaad (क्षीरान्नाद): 6 months – 24 months.
  3. Annaad (अन्नाद): 2 – 16 years (it also includes people above 16 in terms of food).

During the first stage, ayurveda recommends the mother’s milk exclusively.

In the second stage, ayurveda recommends the inclusion of grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables in addition to mother’s milk.

In the third stage, ayurveda only recommend grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

From the third stage, milk is not necessary. You can get all nutrients from a balanced and well-planned diet.

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