How to Remove Toxins from Body for Better Immunity


It is very important to detoxify oneself and remove body toxins in order to get rid of the diseases and make one’s immunity strong and sturdy. Toxins are one of the main reasons for falling sick every weather change and can slowly accumulate diseases causing long-term harm. There are two causes of toxins that build up in the body – the internal toxins and the external toxins. The external ones are those we collect through the kind of junk and oily food we eat and the internal toxins are sourced by our metabolism. Internal toxins in ayurveda are called ama, which are aggravated when the digestive fires get weakened over the course of time. Both the kinds of toxins are deadly and need to be removed in order to be hale and hearty. There are four conditions of digestive fires or amas that are created in the body, when the digestion weakens. These interfere with the normal working of organs and include:

Balanced fire

This is the ideal condition for digestion as the balanced fire does not produce ama and therefore toxin removal is done on its own. Learn how to improve digestion.

Low fire

When the digestive fire is too low it accumulates a lot of toxins and produces ama.

Sharp fire

Sharp fire is too strong and extreme and produces ama.

Imbalanced fire

An imbalance fire is disproportionate with both high and low phases and hence is also capable of producing ama.

In order to remove toxins from the body, one needs to eat healthy and balanced. It not only keeps the body in a good physical shape, but also improves immunity during weather change. Mostly, children fall sick every season change as the influx of virus and bacteria increases in the air and they succumb to the infections caused by flu and cold easily. Fluctuating weather is not in our control but we can organize our lifestyle in a manner that we are able to increase immunity and win against diseases and infections.

There are a few tips for the change of season that one need to follow to increase immunity especially in children.

Cover nutritional deficiencies

Most of the nutritional deficiencies in the body lead to low immunity and increased toxins that cause diseases and infections. The immune system needs a good dose of micronutrients like iron, folic acid, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K along with copper etc. Adding seasonal fruits, vegetables, milk, nuts and dairy to daily diet can supply the required nutrition to the body.

Sun soaking

Low levels of Vitamin D are also one of the main causes of falling immunity levels, leading to sick and unwell bodies. For an effective toxin removal, it is very important to increase the levels of vitamin D, found in abundance through sun that helps in cell multiplication, differentiation and production of anti-bodies that fight against contagions.

Practice good hygiene

Mostly, in children the cause of low immunity and poor health is attributed to not keeping good hygiene. Washing hands before eating, disinfecting household items, consuming clean drinking water and proper sanitation are important for good health. Children must be encouraged to wash hands before eating every time in order to cleanse themselves off germs and infections and eliminate toxins from the body.

Whenever season change happens, the body temperature oscillates and body gets prone to imbalanced fire and that is the time when it requires a good amount of detoxification should be done.

Land and Seed theory or the Beej Bhumi theory

The land and seed theory in Ayurveda believes in the fact that infertile soil is incapable of growing even the strongest of seeds. According to this theory, our bodies signify the land whereas bacteria, virus and allergens etc are the seeds. So, if we take care of the land, aka our body, even if the seasons change we will be able to sustain our immunity and keep the diseases away. The fertilizers are used to give the seeds a better chance of growing and hence,  a good ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and exercise can help do that. These are imperative to eliminate toxins and ama from the body.

There are many herbal formulas that are required to boost immunity during the colder winter months, when the chances of infections are very high.

Bio Immune –

It improves and boosts the overall immunity and makes the body resistant to cold, cough and other infections. Bio-immune is an ayurvedic formula hence totally free from side effects and boosts internal power. It also helps remove digestive impurities and enhances the digestive agnis. Bio-immune also enhances the liver function and purifies blood, keeping the skin also healthy.