Get an ayurveda treatment for that pre-wedding glow


We are in the midst of the wedding season and while there is a rush to get the outfit and shoes right, shopping for jewellery and other accessories and chalk things up with the planner, don’t forget to also focus on yourself. It’s important to have the right diet, get enough exercise and more importantly, have your beauty regimen in place. While there are the usual exotic spa wraps, hot stone massages and seaweed facials, this time, do a return to something that may seem old-fashioned, but is extremely effective. Go back to good ol’ Ayurveda. It aims to detoxify you from the inside out. Says beauty therapist Ashni Mehta, “With our daily lives being so stressful and Mumbai being such a polluted city, there is a toxic buildup under the skin. This leads to acne and inflammation and can manifest into larger issues. Ayurvedic skin treatments use natural substances to restore the skin’s balance and give it a glow.” Try anything from healing oils to massages and face packs.

Abhyanga massage

This ancient treatment leaves skin feeling nourished and soft. It also lubricates the joints and helps moves lymph fluid, aiding in detoxification and overall adds to a calming feeling. It is also said to reduce insomnia. Apply bhringraj oil to the head (shiro abhyanga). You can also prepare a mix at home of sesame (til), fresh basil leaves and fresh ginger and apply this to the body. To start the massage, first warm the oil, apply it first to the forehead, then the scalp, the cheeks, jawline, neck and earlobes, then the body (sarvanga abhyanga) and finally the feet (pad abhyanga). Use the palms for the massage, not the fingertips. The oils help expel the toxins, reduce joint pain, fatigue and dryness. Says Rati Verma, ayurvedic practitioner, “In earlier times, abhyanga was a part of the daily routine. Ask an expert to do this as he or she will use varying pressure techniques. One may also do a dry massage using triphala powder.”



Shirodhara, which comes from two Sanskrit words: shiro (head) and dhara (flow), is a form of Ayurveda therapy in which oils are gently poured over the forehead. It is one of the steps involved in Panchakarma (cleansing ritual) and is said to improve the vata dosha (energy pattern in the body). The forehead here is regarded as the ‘third eye’. The expert first determines what is the person’s dosha. It is followed by shoulder massage which loosens the tight joints. The steady drizzle of oil with the Ayurvedic herbs is poured from left to right or as per the dosha. The aim of the treatment is to relieve stress and eliminate negative thoughts by opening the ‘third eye’.

Herbal potli or compress


Here’s another indulgence that your body will love. Herbal poultice or compress also called upanada sveda, is where hot round muslin bags are placed on the skin to reduce swelling, pain, improve blood circulation and help one relax. The potli massage is done as per tradition; the round bags with fresh or dried ayurvedic herbs are chosen as per your treatment. You can try ashwagandha to relax tight muscles and reduce stress, neem to detox, lemon-mint to reduces stress and headaches and warmed rice to increase blood circulation. Once warmed, the bags produce heat and are placed in specific areas of the body. Follow it up with a cold shower to feel refreshed.



Ayurveda, an intricate holistic healing system of India, traces its origins to at least 5,000 years. It is based on the balance of the three bodily doshas: vata (air or wind), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth). The aim of Ayurveda is to remove toxins and make a clear pathway for energy flow in the body, while balancing the chakras (energy centres). Every individual is also treated as per his or her specific dosha.



Tomato puree, sandalwood, turmeric and its powder. It is used to clear the dark heads and black skin.


Moong dal face pack to remove facial hair: Grind moong dal, chandan powder, orange peel powder, with lemon, rose water and curry leaves.


Ayurvedic face pack of turmeric, lemon, gram flour and milk, which helps clear black heads and lessen skin- related problems.