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“Symbols can take many forms. They may well come by way of a book, a chance meeting, even a backache or a flat tyre. They appear the world over and break all cultural and language barriers”

~ Anne Jirsch

Who hear remembers that scene from the Jim Carrey classic, Bruce Almighty, when Bruce – having been sacked, fallen out with his girlfriend and beaten up whilst helping a homeless guy – asks for a sign. He then passes an illuminated sign saying “Caution ahead” which he completely ignores. Then a truck load of illuminated signs weaves in front of his car saying  “Dead End, Stop, Wrong Way, Yield, No Crossing and Do Not Enter”, which he ALSO ignores and as a result hits a light pole and ploughs on into the water in his car.

What to look out for

We are all guilty of being like Bruce. We go through our daily lives completely oblivious to the signs that the Universe is trying to send us. Except when something bad happens and then we get cross, petition and seek the counsel of the Universe to try and make sense of the situation.

Our daily lives are filled with messages from the Universe and signs that are meant just for us. They appear along our journey to aid us in making decisions, to teach us lessons, and in some cases literally give us a preview of things to come! They also show us if we’re headed in the right direction, or act as that little nudge to make us change course if the direction we are taking no longer serves our highest good.

In order to fully benefit from these useful messages and signs from the Universe, there is a three step process we need to follow; we have to, firstly, recognise them, then decode them and finally, understand them.

Unfortunately the signs we see in our everyday lives are not the loud shouty, Bruce Almighty style messages. No, they tend to be often easily overlooked or ignored completely. However, once we tune ourselves in, pay greater attention and observations to our immediate surroundings, these magical messages and signs literally jump out at us.

As the world renowned clairvoyant and Future Life Progression pioneer, Anne Jirsch says;

Symbols can take many forms. They may well come by way of a book, a chance meeting, even a backache or a flat tyre. They appear the world over and break all cultural and language barriers”

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you will know that the Universe is in constant contact with us. It never stops guiding us. And once we start to understand that we are not alone, fending for ourselves, but instead we are being supported all the way, the pressure is off and our lives become magically enriched by these messages.

From my experience, some messages from the Universe are really easy to spot, you might find this too.

Through Music 

Wow wow wow, if I have a pound for every time I have had song lyrics guide me I would be a MILLIONAIRE! The lyrics of a song will almost always apply directly to your life in some way. And it will usually give you the clarity you need over a situation you’re facing. It can also offer support and strength or give you a laugh when you need it most, because the lyrics are just so apt for how you’re feeling.

Whilst Driving

What you see as you’re driving can be an indication of things that are happening in your life to a lesser or greater extent. For example, a car driving slowly in front of you is a definite sign that you need to slow down a bit. Many a time I have been manically driving at my own set pace, when someone pulls out in front of me making me slow down. And I always take that as a sign to calm down, and not only drive that little bit slower, but also calm down in my life too. It does usually happen when I am feeling stressed or het up about something.

Number Patterns

Triple or quadruple numbers happen to me all the time. Different numbers have very different meanings, and repeating numbers have very specific meanings too detailed to go into here, but I have a handy download that will give you the basics.

Overheard Conversations 

This one is one of my faves and it’s not confined to overheard conversations, but TV presenters, actors in shows and newscasters to name but three. It might be that you’re thinking of moving to a specific area of the country and you’re just not sure of the location; when you ‘overhear‘ (in some form) that the Cotswolds has the lowest crime rate and the best standard of living. Then you know that your move is the right one. It can also literally be (and this has happened countless time to me) what shall I have for dinner – deciding between two or more cuisines – and an ad comes on the TV or radio the confirms one of the choices.

Burst Pipes

A problem with the plumbing in your home can mean a couple of things. Firstly, water is represents your emotions so this could be connected to the loss of someone, a friendship or relationship ending or feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

But it can also happen when you’ve been working with Feng Shui to create a greater flow of Qi in your home through decluttering, reorganisation or remodelling and decorating. This is your home literally letting out a breath, and breaking at the weakest point, because of this new rush of energy through it. Once fixed though, the vital Qi, you have intended, will be held onto more strongly.

Getting your attention

Always remember that if the Universe is really desperate to get your attention, you will see messages repeatedly. They might not be a truck full of flashing neon signs like Bruce Almighty experienced, but they will definitely be repetitively yapping at your heels until you notice them!

Don’t forget, this is a two way street; you are a powerful being that can communicate directly with the Universe yourself. If this is something that scares you slightly, start off small by playing a game that we call in our family, Ask the Universe. It might sound like game show, but trust me it’s great fun and

will cement your belief in the reciprocal communication with the Universe as a infinite resource.

The game is really simple; all you have to do is think of the most outrageous thing that you want to see provided by the Universe. Say something like a purple fire-breathing dragon. Ask the Universe very politely to show it to you. Then simply sit back and wait for it to be shown to you, and this part is key

be open to the Universe’s interpretation and creativity.

The best game I played of this was when I asked to see a blue bird. Now I live in cold, wet rainy Britain, where a blue bird is the least likely thing you’re going to see. But I held firm in my belief that the Universe would show this to me. A few hours later I pulled up to the supermarket parking lot and parked next to a car, that I didn’t give much thought to, until I saw the model of the car…

It was a Nissan Bluebird!

Have a go at this game yourself. Tell me what you asked for and what showed up, in the comments below. You will be amazed and what the Universe will provide for you given the chance!

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