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Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of ashwagandha powder?

There are many health benefits of Ashwagandha powder, and it is considered by many to be one of nature’s greatest gifts. Ashwagandha powder has long been used to treat everyday woes, and it’s a big part of Ayurvedic healing.

Used frequently in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s an amazing remedy for stress, insomnia, digestion, strength and more. One of the most powerful herbs known to Ayurvedic medicine on account of its potency, it has the unparalleled ability to energise and calm the body. Classified as a rasavana in Ayurvedic medicine (otherwise known as rejuvenation), it’s great for longevity and greater bodily awareness.

So, let’s jump right in and explore some of the greatest benefits of this wonder herb.

health benefits of Ashwagandha powder

Ashwagandha powder helps with stress

First on my list of health benefits of Ashwagandha powder, it’s stress relief. A great powder for those battling stress due to its cortisol-inhibiting abilities, it’s frequently used in antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers. With research showing its innate ability to block the stress pathways to the brain in rats, it was shown to be equally effective in humans. With many sufferers of chronic stress adding ashwagandha powder into their daily routines to great effect, it’s well worth a try.

Ashwagandha powder can help with wound healing

Next on the list of health benefits of Ashwagandha powder, it’s very impactful for wound healing. Long used in Ayurvedic medicine for its wound-healing abilities, this magical powder was historically used for joint pain, skin sores and reducing swelling.

Ashwagandha powder can help build strength

Referred to as balva in Ayurvedia (meaning giving strength), it’s known to increase stamina and endurance in those that take it. Should you be an athlete looking to improve your numbers or reduce bodily stress from training, ashwagandha powder is a great recovery tool. This is the next health benefit of Ashwagandha powder.

It helps to fight mental degenerative diseases

The fourth health benefit of Ashwagandha powder, is it’s ability to help with degenerative diseases. Promising an alternative treatment for a variety of mental degenerative diseases due to its ability to promote the growth of nerve cells, ashwagandha may help to mitigate memory and brain function problems caused by injury or disease. In one study, rats with epilepsy even had a complete reversal of spatial memory impairment due to a reduction in oxidative stress.

Ashwagandha powder is an anti-cancer herb

In addition to boosting immunity, ashwagandha also has the potential to slow the growth of cancerous tumours. Animal studies found that one of the compounds in ashwagandha (withaferin) helped to induce apoptosis which is the primary programmed death of cancer cells.

Encourages hormone balance

Should you be suffering with hormone imbalances, ashwagandha powder can help to stabilise the endocrine system. With ashwagandha powder helping to reduce hot flashes and mood swings, it is certainly a useful herb to include in your daily regimen. In addition to these benefits, ashwagandha powder has also been shown to have powerful effects on testosterone levels in men. With men struggling with fertility, increased levels of ashwagandha was shown to increase sperm count and mobility. Due to the increased antioxidant levels and better sperm quality, those taking ashwagandha powder noticed increased fertility.

Ashwagandha powder can help with insomnia

Next on my list of health benefits of Ashwagandha powder, it’s helping with insomnia. Due to its significant rejuvenating properties, ashwagandha powder has been shown to treat insomnia. Due to its calming effects on the nervous system, it’s been shown to ease stress and avoid sleeplessness! Simply try ashwagandha powder in a cup of hot milk and fall into a deep and unbroken sleep.

Ashwagandha powder can help to reduce blood sugar

In various studies, ashwagandha powder has been shown to increase insulin secretion and improve insulin sensitivity in muscles. In addition to this, for many type 2 diabetics, including ashwagandha powder in their diets lowered fasting blood sugar levels significantly.

health benefits of Ashwagandha powder

Skincare improvements

On account of its stimulating properties and its ability to increase DHEA levels (which stimulates the production of healthy, natural skin oils), it helps to promote healthy skin. Encouraging increased production of hyaluronan, elastin and collagen, it’s a great thing to add to your skincare routine for glowing skin! Why not try using it as a toner with citrus fruits and some ashwagandha powder?

Ashwagandha powder has anti-ageing properties

And last on my list of the health benefits of Ashwagandha powder, it’s anti-ageing. With significant anti-oxidising properties, ashwagandha powder can be great for smashing free radicals and slowing ageing. Effective both topically and when ingested, ashwagandha powder is a great way to look younger without really trying!

Hopefully this list of the main health benefits of Ashwagandha powder is useful and informative!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that can come from incorporating ashwagandha powder into your routine. Whether you’re suffering with dull skin or want to reduce your blood sugar naturally, it’s certainly worth incorporating alongside a healthy lifestyle for an increased sense of wellbeing.

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